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Directional Valves

In the F130CF with hand-operated spools, the speed is influenced by the size of the load, i.e. the heavier the lift load, the longer the lever stroke needed before the load starts to move, and the heavier the sink load, the quicker the lowering sequence.



B3 is the latest evolution of the traditional three rolls double pinch plate bending machine. It has been designed to cover the needs of the fabrication shop: Strength, User Friendliness and Versatility. The company’s experience in manufacturing heavy and super heavy duty machines is applied to the design of the B3 series of plate rolls.The B3 series of plate rolls are the most versatile traditional machines available on the market. The working speed is provided by advanced hydraulic controls



There are several important considerations in the seam welding process.What follows is a general description of the welding process for both resistance welding and reflowing solder. Some critical parameters are also discussed to aid in determining the values that yield a superior weld.

Consider the system shown in drawing L60-0045-00 figure 2. The current travels from one of the electrodes, passes through the point of contact between the electrode and the lid, the lid itself, the other point of contact, and finally through the other electrode.  It is this passage of current that produces sufficient heat to melt the metal and weld the lid to the package.

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